7 March 2019

Deltec launches Masking Tape Extreme!

After the great success of Deltec Original Gold and Deltec Sensitive, another high quality tape is revealed by Deltec: Deltec Masking Tape Extreme.

Masking of rough and moist surfaces is a known problem for the professional painter and decorator. Tape doesn’t stick well or tears while removing. These problems belongs to the past with Deltec Masking Tape Extreme.

The Deltec Masking Tape Extreme is made of reinforced Japanese rice paper for creating ultra sharp paint lines and doesn’t tear while removing. The masking tape is perfect suitable for indoor and outdoor due to the 4 months UV resistance! Thanks to the high tack glue layer, masking of brick, ceilings and facades has never been so easy before.

Your benefits:

  • Reinforced (Washi) rice paper, extra strong
  • Ultra sharp paint lines, no paint bleed
  • For slightly rough and moist surfaces like brick, ceilings, facades etc.
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Never any glue residue up to 4 months

Try out yourself!

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