27 September 2022

Deltec Multitack Paper: Extra strong & water-resistant

After the successful introduction of Deltec Unitack Paper, Deltec has added a unique improvement to the self-adhesive paper. Stronger, fully water-resistant and higher adhesive strength! That is the newest addition to the Deltec range: Deltec Multitack Paper. Fully self-adhesive masking paper with strong adhesion and extra water-resistant!

The new product Deltec Multitack Paper has a stronger adhesive layer, so that the paper adheres even better to different surfaces and has better performance during spraying work. As a matter of course, this variant can also be removed without glue residue. In addition, the Deltec Multitack Paper has a unique coating that prevents paint from leaking through. In short, you can use this even more widely with a perfect end result!

Your benefits

  • Fast and safe masking with an optimal end result!
  • Mask up to 4x faster! Saves time and money!
  • Water resistant and high tack: Perfect masking for spraying work
  • Suitable for the hand dispenser
  • Can be corrected several times after application, adhesive strength remains stable
  • Can be used on different surfaces such as floor, stairs, windowsill, radiator and railings
  • Removable without glue residue
Multitack trap
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