RTV – Finland

RTV is one of the largest wholesalers and retailers in Finland. Supplying both the end consumer and professional painter through their 34 own stores, RTV has a nation wide covering network. Looking for a reliable partner, with a complete high quality product range which would add value to their stores and customers, in 2016 they […]Read more

Pat McDonnell Paints

With 8 stores, Pat Mc Donnell Paints is one of Irelands largest paint whole- and retailers in the country. In Deltec Tape they have found the complete and highest quality product range, which helps their customers to do their job faster, more efficient and always with the perfect result in the end!Read more


De Amert 601 5462 GH Veghel
P.O. Box 138 5460 AC Veghel, The Netherlands
Phone +44-330 80 888 60
Mo - Fr 08.00 AM to 18.00 PM
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