2 October 2017

Ready for the future

The world around us is changing fast. Consumers are more critical, and they expect you to go the extra mile for them. That’s why we create an evolution: from crêpe tape to Deltec Gold.

Every professional painter recognizes these problems; You just painted a surface, but when you remove the masking tape, the trouble starts:
You see paint bleed, the paint comes off together with the tape or it has damaged the surfaced you just painted.
With the Deltec washi tapes, these problems belong to the past!

Your benefits:
– Special rice paper (washi) tape
– No paint bleed (sharp paint lines)
– Saves time and money
– Best finish ever
– 100% success guaranteed

Deltec Masking Tape Gold
– Usable for all surfaces
– Indoor and outdoor use
– Never any glue residue – up to six months!

Deltec Masking Tape Purple
– Low tack tape for sensitive surfaces (wallpaper, fresh paint)
– Indoor use
– Never any glue residue – up to four months!

Are you ready for the future? Get a free sample on our website and experience it. | +31 (0) 413 – 24 44 82

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