16 May 2019

Twice as fast with Deltec Quick Mask!

Every professional knows the struggle of masking up a huge area with foil, it’s got to be done right but can take a long time to do properly.

Deltec Quick Mask does the hard work for you. Our high static foil clings to walls and surfaces as you roll and our built-in tapes give you the best possible finish.

Easy to handle, no fuss and perfect results every time.

Use Deltec Quick Mask for every application:

  • Quick Mask Gold: high static foil with Deltec Masking Tape Original Gold, to create ultra sharp paint lines, clean removal for up to 6 months, for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Quick Mask Indoor: high static foil with Deltec Masking Tape 60, for indoor masking, clean removal for up to 24 hours.
  • Deltec Quick Mask Outdoor: high static foil with high quality Duct Tape, suitable for slightly rough surfaces, for indoor and outdoor, clean removal for up to 3 weeks.

Want to try before you buy? Contact us for a free sample and experience the difference yourself.

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